Once home from your splendorous tattoo extravaganza be sure to remove the cling film cover applied by your tattooist and gently wash your tattoo with a mild, unperfumed soap & water. TOWEL PAT DRY. Do not rub!

We recommend Bepanthen nappy rash Ointment for your fresh tattoo

however a tattoo aftercare such as Tattoo Goo will work equally as well.

Apply your chosen cream atleast 3 times daily with clean hands. Please do not use anitseptics such as Savlon, Sudocrem etc as they try to ‘cleanse’ the ‘wound’ by trying to remove the ink.. leaving a patchy tattoo!
Ointments such as Bepanthen are merely to retain moisture, and to act as a barrier to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into your fresh tattoo. It is fruitful to wash your tattoo a few times (soapy water) inbetween putting on more cream in the first few days of healing.

Keep using this cream for about a week or till the tattoo is no longer sore to the touch. After this use a moisturiser such as Palmers Cocoa Butter, The Body Shop hemp body butter or any decent deep moisturiser. This will help to reduce scabbing and get rid of that horrible white layer of skin that grows over your tattoo during the healing process.

And thats about it really!

It is important to realise though that a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and to keep your tattoo looking at its best for the duration of you having it, you must protect it from UV Rays. Always use a high-factor(30+) sun screen on your tattoos, as it will help prevent them ageing 🙂


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