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Happy New Year!!

6 Jan

JUST a quick and seriously overdue post to say happy new year to all my wee pals out there! Hope 2011 is a healthy one, full of goal attaining, and resolution keeping for everyone!

I have only made one resolution this year – to stop worrying.

I am the biggest worrier in the world, i worry about everything to the point that it actually effects me emotionally. So this needs to change. Easier said than done (breaking a life-long habit and all), but it’s all about the small changes that contribute to the greater good!


This time last year i was still apprenticing at Pagan Ink, and it was around February i started tattooing full-time. I turned 19 in the May of 2010. I think i learned a few life lessons this year. It feels like this year had flew past, but on reflection i’ve actually changed quite a bit since a year ago.


I hope 2011 brings positive change. I’m all for the positivity this year, and i’m going to eliminate all those things that don’t make me happy, or atleast learn to deal with them.
What does 2011 bring for you?
Did you make any resolutions??



Also, Scottish Tattoo Convention this year!! EXCITING! Can’t wait to see the line-up. Its being held at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange in March. I seen Funeral For A Friend there a few years ago. Its a decent sized venue and actually perfect for a convention.