15 Oct

Started a big piece yesterday! Long story short, he wanted a wolf, with some tribal, a moon, and eventually a banner that says ‘Lone Wolf’ on it. I was pleased with how it turned out though i know the green will need a touch up (we have 2 dif. brands of green, 1 works on some people, the other works on the ones the first doesnt!)¬†

Did this on my good friend Holly. (She waited a LONG time for this!) Happy (late) Birthday ūüôā

Did this candy skull design on Lian. Design modified from drawing she brought in. Shading /colour to be added!


Arran repping it up Blink 182 Style!

and did alot of names this week!
Also, alot of side hand tattoos. I blame this on the x-factor being on again.
And thats about it!x


Tattoos from the past fortnight.

10 Oct

Tattooed my friend Kyle again, this time with the ‘Deadmau5’ logo. ¬†Had good fun doing this tattoo.


Did a small piece of custom script. 


Started a japanese themed sleeve…


Then tattooed Adams toes! He was squirmin’, so much fun!

Thursdays are good..

30 Sep

Today started off slow, first appt was music notes. My second appt. was a phonecall appt and hadn’t left a deposit.. so obviously they didn’t show up. Hour wasted. Brilliant. The rest of the day was spent tattooing stars etc. Until…I started this! Very little time to prepare as I didn’t get a consultation with the guy, we thought he was booked in with my boss! (great organisation!) None the less, we got it started. He’s not sure if he wants colour or b&g yet but im going to try and convince him to get b&g with some cerise & red. We shall see. He sat okay considering the sheer size of it. Those 9 liners are no fun! Props to him for sitting his full time slot.

And what better way ¬†to finish the day than with a Pikachu! I practically grew up on Pokemon so i LOVED doing this tattoo on Zach. Made up for my 12 oclock not showing!& Now i’m going to spend the rest of my night sitting on here organizing my blogs… purely because I can.