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1st Foot tattoo by Vicky Morgan @ Bodycraft, Nottingham.

22 Oct

Picture is awful, so dark. Will get a better one up when its healed!

Trying a new aftercare cream on my new tattoo, is going well, ill let yous know.


Anyway so our trip to nottingham was amazing, i loved it. 11hr drive round, but so worth it. Amazing banter in the shop, they were all so friendly and you could tell they all really got on, which was cool.

The actual tattoo was sore but not unbearably, up until the last hour or so i was fine. The finishing touches were.. nippy!
Well worth every minute. Can’t wait to go down and get my undead one. AHH exciting.

Learned alot from Vicky, and was nice to gain a new friend in the industry, especially one as amazing as her. I’m hope we keep in touch from now on.
Feels so good to have an original aswell, not just a copy of another tattoo.

Never getting tattooed in the shop again (no offence to anyone in the shop) its just that i really want to build a collection now, from loads of different amazing artists. Vicky has really inspired me to just go for what i want. It’s been such a motivational experience (cheez as it sounds) and i can’t wait to go back to work and make some changes. Theres defo more needing done about custom work. We dont really do custom work at the shop and that is going to change, for me anyway. I want people booked in further apart, with more consultations so i can actually get a feel for what people want and draw them up something, instead of just pulling something from google.. cause at the end of the day, thats why im in this job, to use MY art, not someone elses!

Thanks Vicky, for more than my tattoo.
Defo needed this.