There are a few things you should consider before getting a tattoo, but i must also stress that you should not over-think it! You will end up talking yourself out of it!

Please note that if you walk into the shop and say ‘I want a tattoo but i don’t know what i want’ you will almost definitely be sent away. If you don’t know what you want, what is the point of getting the tattoo?

The best tattoos, and least regrettable are the ones with meaning (im not necessarily talking LA ink “my brothers uncles cats owners sister died, so im getting this tattoo of a frog to symbolise them), i just mean something with a little bit of background. Something that has artistic, or sentimental value to you. What would a painting be without reason?

The next thing to consider is placement. Don’t just get a tattoo in an area cause ‘you seen it on Rihanna and it looked WELL MINT’. Think about your design and how it would best work with the natural form of your body, and also think about the life of your tattoo. Something with alot of detail will always hold better over a larger area. Also, if you work in the view of the public, always consider how your employers will view your tattoos if visible. Alot of companies are alot more lenient these days, but it’s always best to check.  If you’re not sure, let your tattooist know. We can make designs fit areas, and areas fit designs.

If you’re getting something realistic, such as a specific flower, portrait etc please be sure to have a good quality high res. picture. Although we can ‘wing’ some aspects of some designs, we can’t wing a face, so please be as well referenced as you can be.

If you want a fully custom tattoo (recommended!) then book in for a consultation first. You should have a general idea of what you want, so bring some reference with you, even if its pictures of other tattoos/paintings/your own sketches, anything so we can best judge what you’re after and get on the same wavelength. There is no harm in taking your time to get the design perfect, which leads me onto my next point..


The first mistake most people make when wanting an older tattoo covered up, is that they want it covered as soon as possible with anything they can cover it with.
I generally advise people away from this. If you regretted the original not-thought-through tattoo, then chances are you’ll regret it the next time too.
Think of something you would really like tattooed, and we can see if we can make the design work around/over what you have.

Other than that, be clear with your tattooist what it is you are after and ALWAYS RESEARCH YOUR TATTOOIST. Every tattooist has an individual style which will show through on your design, so check out their portfolio. See that you like the tattoos the have done previously, and that their skill is up to par.
Next, visit the studio. Is it clean and tidy? Does it smell clean (not always a guarantee!)? Do they have a license on show? Is the shop friendly, and could you see yourself getting tattooed there?

Once you are booked in, and sitting in the chair waiting to get tattooed, all the preperation is worth it; knowing that you have 100% trust in your artist and that your design is perfect.
& Dont worry about the pain. All tattoos are painful, but smaller tattoos are not always less painful. Get what YOU want and don’t be put off by the pain aspect.

Other than that enjoy the experience. Have a good blether with your tattooist. Drink plenty of cups of tea!
You will never regret a tattoo if you were 100% confident with the situation at the time.
& remember! Life IS short. Live for the moment and all that. A regret is only a true regret when you are lying in your death-bed, wishing you had done something when you were able.

Just don’t get it in a shitty studio!


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