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Havn’t updated in a while..

13 Dec

Mostly due to the fact that i kept forgetting to pick up my camera in the morning to take to work. So here are some pictures of tattoos ive been working on (some rubbish iphone pictures, some not so rubbish camera pictures)

This tattoo was originally booked in with Stu McGuire but he was running over an hour late, and so handed the tattoo over me (he knows how much i LOVE old school!) really enjoyed doing this tattoo. Took about 1.5/2 hours start to finish. Looks small in the picture but took up the best part of my clients calf.

This tattoo was used as a mark to celebrate my clients 30th birthday! So she got 30 stars! They were eventually filled with lots of bright contrasting colours but obviously, i never got a picture. This tattoo was hard on the eyes! Was seeing stars all day haha.

We began Stephens long awaited hand tattoo. He came to me with a basic design. He wanted a rose, old school style, to cover the existing star outline he had on his hand already. Stephens been getting tattooed at our shop for quite some time now so i knew exactly what he wanted. This design was freehand (..heh, get it?!) It’s going to be coloured next time he is in!

Also started this tattoo. He had already had a bit of work done by another tattooist on his lower arm and had wanted it extended. The bottom half of his arm was part cover-up so it was pretty dense, there was also an (upside down) Koi fish. He had wanted the sleeve as bright as possible, but didnt know what to get on the upper half of his arm. He had suggested another Koi, but was open to suggestions.

I traced his arm and he booked in for the next day. I came up with the Fu Dog design to counter-act the Bad Luck charm on the bottom half of his arm (Koi should always be facing north, to signify the struggle of the Koi swimming upstream). Fu Dogs (karashishi) are a predominantly asian symbol, said to bring wealth, health & protection from evil.