15 Oct

Started a big piece yesterday! Long story short, he wanted a wolf, with some tribal, a moon, and eventually a banner that says ‘Lone Wolf’ on it. I was pleased with how it turned out though i know the green will need a touch up (we have 2 dif. brands of green, 1 works on some people, the other works on the ones the first doesnt!) 

Did this on my good friend Holly. (She waited a LONG time for this!) Happy (late) Birthday 🙂

Did this candy skull design on Lian. Design modified from drawing she brought in. Shading /colour to be added!


Arran repping it up Blink 182 Style!

and did alot of names this week!
Also, alot of side hand tattoos. I blame this on the x-factor being on again.
And thats about it!x


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