Thursdays are good..

30 Sep

Today started off slow, first appt was music notes. My second appt. was a phonecall appt and hadn’t left a deposit.. so obviously they didn’t show up. Hour wasted. Brilliant. The rest of the day was spent tattooing stars etc. Until…I started this! Very little time to prepare as I didn’t get a consultation with the guy, we thought he was booked in with my boss! (great organisation!) None the less, we got it started. He’s not sure if he wants colour or b&g yet but im going to try and convince him to get b&g with some cerise & red. We shall see. He sat okay considering the sheer size of it. Those 9 liners are no fun! Props to him for sitting his full time slot.

And what better way  to finish the day than with a Pikachu! I practically grew up on Pokemon so i LOVED doing this tattoo on Zach. Made up for my 12 oclock not showing!& Now i’m going to spend the rest of my night sitting on here organizing my blogs… purely because I can.


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