Traditional Sailor Jerry Pin-Up Design, on calf.

26 Jan


First tattoo of 2011 and more!

11 Jan

2011 has been a promising one so far. I’ve done two of my best pieces ever already, I think!

So here was the first tattoo of 2011 on my beautiful sister Sara. She had wanted this for a long long time, so it was nice to finally be able to get it done.  It looks a little distorted in the picture because of where it is situated on her arm… photos never do tattoos justice!


So, not bad for my first gypsy girl!

Allan had contacted me a few weeks ago to let me know he had booked in for the tree of life badboy.Didnt realise it was such an epic cover-up! hah.
Had already tattooed a new buddha on the back of his neck earlier in the morning. Again, the picture doesnt do it justice, you cant even see the variation in tone between the two cheeks. I havn’t put this image on my facebook for this very reason.

This was his second tat of the day, and this was the first drawing stage.

Spent quite some time drawing this up. Could draw trees all day, they are awesome!!

Still an ongoing piece as were going to add some leafs, and he eventually will background it with birds flying up towards his chest where he has (or will have) a sun/moon chestpiece.  It’s all very exciting! Love tattooing Allan, sits like a champ and always wants awesome tattoos. Soo good catching up too, glad he is doing well 🙂

Happy New Year!!

6 Jan

JUST a quick and seriously overdue post to say happy new year to all my wee pals out there! Hope 2011 is a healthy one, full of goal attaining, and resolution keeping for everyone!

I have only made one resolution this year – to stop worrying.

I am the biggest worrier in the world, i worry about everything to the point that it actually effects me emotionally. So this needs to change. Easier said than done (breaking a life-long habit and all), but it’s all about the small changes that contribute to the greater good!


This time last year i was still apprenticing at Pagan Ink, and it was around February i started tattooing full-time. I turned 19 in the May of 2010. I think i learned a few life lessons this year. It feels like this year had flew past, but on reflection i’ve actually changed quite a bit since a year ago.


I hope 2011 brings positive change. I’m all for the positivity this year, and i’m going to eliminate all those things that don’t make me happy, or atleast learn to deal with them.
What does 2011 bring for you?
Did you make any resolutions??



Also, Scottish Tattoo Convention this year!! EXCITING! Can’t wait to see the line-up. Its being held at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange in March. I seen Funeral For A Friend there a few years ago. Its a decent sized venue and actually perfect for a convention.

Havn’t updated in a while..

13 Dec

Mostly due to the fact that i kept forgetting to pick up my camera in the morning to take to work. So here are some pictures of tattoos ive been working on (some rubbish iphone pictures, some not so rubbish camera pictures)

This tattoo was originally booked in with Stu McGuire but he was running over an hour late, and so handed the tattoo over me (he knows how much i LOVE old school!) really enjoyed doing this tattoo. Took about 1.5/2 hours start to finish. Looks small in the picture but took up the best part of my clients calf.

This tattoo was used as a mark to celebrate my clients 30th birthday! So she got 30 stars! They were eventually filled with lots of bright contrasting colours but obviously, i never got a picture. This tattoo was hard on the eyes! Was seeing stars all day haha.

We began Stephens long awaited hand tattoo. He came to me with a basic design. He wanted a rose, old school style, to cover the existing star outline he had on his hand already. Stephens been getting tattooed at our shop for quite some time now so i knew exactly what he wanted. This design was freehand (..heh, get it?!) It’s going to be coloured next time he is in!

Also started this tattoo. He had already had a bit of work done by another tattooist on his lower arm and had wanted it extended. The bottom half of his arm was part cover-up so it was pretty dense, there was also an (upside down) Koi fish. He had wanted the sleeve as bright as possible, but didnt know what to get on the upper half of his arm. He had suggested another Koi, but was open to suggestions.

I traced his arm and he booked in for the next day. I came up with the Fu Dog design to counter-act the Bad Luck charm on the bottom half of his arm (Koi should always be facing north, to signify the struggle of the Koi swimming upstream). Fu Dogs (karashishi) are a predominantly asian symbol, said to bring wealth, health & protection from evil.


23 Oct

Hailey came in with a few ideas. She wanted something down her ribs, and quite fancied cherry blossoms on a branch. So i just drew on her, and it resulted in this. Was good to draw straight onto skin again, instead of using a stencil. You always get a better finish with freehand work because you can make it flow with the curves in the body better. Also, you usually lose most of your pen lines, so it really comes down to artistic license, which i love doing because you can just go with it. 


23 Oct

Did a bit of script today on one of the shop regulars. I was the last person in the shop to tattoo him – weve all tattooed him now. It’s like pokemon.

Anyway, i had alot of fun doing it. The design he came in with was just the script. Normally i would have drawn it up custom but because of time/no notice, i just used the writing he brought in, which was fine. Added alot of light grey freehand swirly stuff which i LOVED doing. He was very happy with the result 🙂

1st Foot tattoo by Vicky Morgan @ Bodycraft, Nottingham.

22 Oct

Picture is awful, so dark. Will get a better one up when its healed!

Trying a new aftercare cream on my new tattoo, is going well, ill let yous know.


Anyway so our trip to nottingham was amazing, i loved it. 11hr drive round, but so worth it. Amazing banter in the shop, they were all so friendly and you could tell they all really got on, which was cool.

The actual tattoo was sore but not unbearably, up until the last hour or so i was fine. The finishing touches were.. nippy!
Well worth every minute. Can’t wait to go down and get my undead one. AHH exciting.

Learned alot from Vicky, and was nice to gain a new friend in the industry, especially one as amazing as her. I’m hope we keep in touch from now on.
Feels so good to have an original aswell, not just a copy of another tattoo.

Never getting tattooed in the shop again (no offence to anyone in the shop) its just that i really want to build a collection now, from loads of different amazing artists. Vicky has really inspired me to just go for what i want. It’s been such a motivational experience (cheez as it sounds) and i can’t wait to go back to work and make some changes. Theres defo more needing done about custom work. We dont really do custom work at the shop and that is going to change, for me anyway. I want people booked in further apart, with more consultations so i can actually get a feel for what people want and draw them up something, instead of just pulling something from google.. cause at the end of the day, thats why im in this job, to use MY art, not someone elses!

Thanks Vicky, for more than my tattoo.
Defo needed this.